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at first ur like why did someone take a pic of these bush but then there’s a wolf , camouflage http://flic.kr/p/dZwD3e


dogs. mostly rottweilers

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I do not work conventionally as I have several medical issues that keep me from being able to function favorably in a retail environment. I am finally getting back on my medication mid-August after not being on it for almost 4 years. I do not have health insurance until October, therefore affording prescriptions until then is going to be superfluously costly. I am self employed as an illustrator and animator to support myself through college, so money is already extremely tight with groceries and gas. I’m desperate to find work in this time in my life, so if you would be interested in commissioning me please send me an e-mail at pksdrone@hotmail.com or send me an ask through tumblr. That is also my paypal e-mail, so if you have anything to spare, even a few cents here and there adds up. I take commissions for animations, reference sheets, a whole slew of things. Please help me spread the word, and thank you!!


A lycanthrope transforms in front if his friend for the first time.

"Oh my god."says his friend,"You just turned into a wolf."

"Yes,"he replies "I am a were"


"Got it!" Kiba, 16-17 weeks.


Card Captor Sakura wedding dress ensemble designed by CLAMP in the Tokyo Bridal Festa’s 2011 fashion show.


lmao yikes…


Luna Buttons ! You can buy them at my table at Galacon !

If I get enough interests online I´m also willed to sell them online!



have some wadanohara cursors

download (contains more cursors~)